MGI Meteor DP8700 XL
Digital Press

(AKA "Digi")

In short, the MGI gives you:

Fast turnaround and economical low-volume printing than has previously been available.

The MGI (known affectionately as “Digi”) is a multi-substrate digital press that has opened up the market for production of short-run, full-color printing. Basically it can print on a variety of surfaces, including paper, wood and plastic, and you can order 100 instead of 1000!

Short and ultra-short runs (less than 20 copies), are rapidly expanding markets in printing. As companies hone in on quality over quantity, making an impression has become key (and TC Printing loves to make a great impression).

The MGI allows printing on sheets up to 40 inches in length, (and not just on paper), the list of products that can be produced is endless… wrap-around book covers, art prints, brochures with pockets, corporate materials, professional materials, folders, variable data and stationary packages (including envelopes that bleed on 3-sides*) are just a sampling of the possibilities.

The MGI is designed for heavy coverage with no scrimping on quality - the quality is outstanding.

* Bleeding on 3-sides is not as violent as it sounds… it's a term used to describe ink that disappears off the edge of the page. Most envelopes cannot bleed on 3-sides as it's too tricky to line everything up. With the MGI this is possible. Check out our example!