Lead Pressman Richard found his true vocation getting his hands dirty on press, after a short stint in bindery out of school. Richard is more than comfortable with oil and grime, ask about his beloved 1970's sports car and he will produce a picture of the car he bought as a shell and re-built himself; he is the traditional handyman. If something is broken - inside or outside of the pressroom - Richard can fix it with his plethora of tools…though he does try to keep his clothes clean!

At TC Richard divides his time between the Ryobi 4 color offset press, and the MGI or "Digi" (short for digital press). Picking up job tickets, spotting priority jobs, making plates, collecting paper, mixing inks and running both presses are second-nature to this pressman; and with the support of Elizabeth or Matt on crazy days, Richard takes production in his stride. After many years of running a 4 color press, Richard is enjoying the arrival of the MGI, “it's new, fun and interesting.”

Outside of work, Richard enjoys good Mexican food at the Caballo Blanco restaurant on Franklin, and follows the Kings, a passion he shares with his son.