Matt arrived in Sacramento from his hometown of Milpitas with one aim in mind, get closer to the mountains. Any chance he gets, Matt heads off to the great outdoors with any combination of a snowboard, a fishing rod, a tent or hiking boots in tow. He loves to cruise down the side of a mountain, enjoying the powder in the winter months. When the weather turns warm Matt pitches his tent and attempts to catch some trout for dinner.

On those rare occasions when Matt stays down here in The Valley, he swops his fishing rod for a golf club and works on his swing. A fan of the Giants, the 49ers and the Sharks, Matt is never short of sport to follow and scores to catch up on.

Somehow, Matt finds time to work, and on an average day at TC Matt checks client files, sends proofs, preps job tickets and works on typesetting projects. On those occasions that Richard has his hands full, Matt can operate the MGI, no problem. He enjoys troubleshooting technical problems around TC, so you might catch Matt with arms full of cables darting between the offices. If you can't find Matt, check for feet sticking out from under a desk.