Born in North Carolina, Marie found herself in Wisconsin at four years old, where she did not learn to make cheese, nor did she become a farm girl. Rather, she used her time to cheer on the Green Bay Packers, ski the–not so–mountainous terrain, and plan her expeditions to far off lands.

It wasn't long before her plans fell into place, and after ceremoniously dumping her snow shovel, Marie headed west for a new chapter. In time, Marie also crossed oceans, eager to indulge the explorer inside; she was hooked, and with a sparkle in her eyes, Marie has vowed to keep on traveling.

Living in the Sacramento area for three decades, with twenty of those spent in commercial printing, Marie knows every aspect of customer service, upside down and inside out. Marie also understands the need to support the team, and so, she's more than happy to get busy collating product to meet a deadline. This kind of experience and solid reputation led to Marie being the perfect fit for the position at TC, one she was thrilled to accept.

Marie thrives on asking questions to help a client's vision become reality. Marie adores the friendly atmosphere in the pressroom at TC, where proposing ideas for projects and getting honest, positive feedback in return is common practice. Constantly inspired by the things she has seen, and is yet to see, Marie brings a spirit to the table that radiates joy and adventure. There can be no doubt that Marie injects her sparkle in to every single project that comes through the door at TC.