Linda, a Sacramento local and graduate of River City High School and Sacramento State wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to pursue after college, until she started work in a print shop owned by a friend's father. One year later, Linda went to work for Kwik Kopy, which soon became TC Printing. Linda is pleased that she found her niche, and she continues to enjoy the fast pace of a print shop and working alongside the good-natured people at TC.

Linda has observed the advancement of digital technology - in their own way, they can multi-task! So with maximum productivity at her fingertips, Linda strives to finish projects ahead of schedule, especially if this means an early delivery to the client.

Outside of TC, Linda enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Herb. As die-hard Raiders fans, the couple regularly attends games, not only to support, but also to witness the sights, smells and sounds of the sporting tradition. Speaking of witnesses, Linda loves a good mystery, so whether reading a whodunit novel, or watching a well-scripted forensic show on TV–Linda enjoys the thrill of the chase.

To most people, TC's modern high speed copy machines are a mystery, intimidating in both size and capability, with a zillion settings and unending possibilities–but like the leader of a wondrous digital choir, Linda affectionately makes them sing.