Kyle grew up in Orangevale, but has spent most of his adult life in Sacramento, and in printing. This year marks a decade for him in shipping and logistics and he's excited for what's around the corner. Kyle arrived at TC in 2013 and quickly fell into step - checking inventory, pulling product, scanning, packing and sending items on their merry way.

An avid cyclist, Kyle hits the road on a regular basis to feel the wind in his hair and be at one with his speedy machine. On easier days, he can be found golfing with has dad, uncle and cousin, even though he confesses “I'm horrible at golf!” Clearly close to his family, Kyle attributes those values to his dad, a well-known and well-loved print rep who also works in the Sacramento area.

As a self-taught multi-media artist, Kyle is inspired by the modern greats, such as Jackson Pollock, but more so by his home-grown artist friends. Enjoying the creative process alone is one thing, but sharing that journey with like-minded friends is entirely another. With such an insightful and easy-going nature, Kyle fits right in at TC, just like he's always been there. “Both Jon and Dave are really genuine people, really warm, and that's something I respect.” Well they say in this world, like attracts like, and the future looks bright at TC for Kyle.