Coffee in hand, Jon arrives at TC each morning to check his emails and the work-in-progress. Jon plans out his agenda for the day (as he has for the past 2 decades) based on project deadlines and client meetings. That's what he really loves about TC, “until you get here, you don't really know what you're going to be doing.” Jon loves the variety in his day, as much as the variety of his clients. Many clients formed valued relationships with Jon years ago, and now see Jon, and TC, as members of their extended team.

Jon divides his time between his desk (careful not to step on Otis) and the shop floor. Most of his attention is focused on balancing client expectations with real-time production schedules, a challenge that Jon meets with candor and enthusiasm.

Jon enjoys watching college football and his favorite pastime has not changed since his own college days at UC Riverside…music concerts. An average summer sees Jon attending 7 or more concerts up and down the Sunshine State. Now that's the way to let your hair down Jon… Rock on TC, Rock on.