There is no one more proud of her work as a pressman than TC's own Elizabeth. Known as 'E' by her compadres, she began her printing career running an in-plant press for Leslie Salt in the Bay Area. After a brief spell in the Support Services Department at the same company, Elizabeth went full-speed ahead into life as a pressman, and never looked back.

With a family history in mechanics, Elizabeth views the presses at TC with nostalgia and affection, fixing them is never a bind, and she can fix pretty much anything herself. Sometimes Richard will lend Elizabeth a hand and between them they keep TC ticking over (literally) as a well-oiled machine.

Since Elizabeth joined TC in 2001 she has seen many changes, most significantly in the printing industry at large. She has marveled at the improvements in equipment and embraced every step forward. She is gleeful that digital printing has closed the door on a stock of nasty chemicals and the daily hazards of life as a pressman have dissipated.

Elizabeth thoroughly enjoys being a part of the creative process, “it's satisfying” and she thrives on the camaraderie at TC, “we know each others strengths and weaknesses and we work with that.” She feels at home where people have talents outside of their job title and are willing to dig-in with a colleague to find solutions, be them mechanical, technical or creative. Elizabeth is as proud of the team at TC, as she is of the work that passes through her press each day.